News - UP-start


On 21st February, “UP-start” project presentation will be held At Tbilisi History Museum.

Event starts at 5 PM.

On the platform of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, the project aims to create media incubator and to facilitate student’s business projects development. Additionally, to develop student’s business and English language skills. In the course of the project, cultural management curriculars will be developed and will be integrated in to the Bachelor’s and Magister’s study programs at the Academy.

In the frame of “UP-start” project, during 19-20 February, there will be held Training Of Trainers (TOT) where potential trainers from Tbilisi State Academy of Art’s will be trained for the purpose to participate in the future incubation programs as trainers.

Project “UP-start” is funded by British Council grant program “Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise”.

Project partners: Creative Georgia, Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Creative Solutions and Advantage Creative.