News - “Cultural Accessibility Guidelines for Georgia”

“Cultural Accessibility Guidelines for Georgia”

LEPL Creative Georgia is implementing the project “Supporting and Promoting Inclusivity in Arts and Culture” in collaboration with the British Council in Georgia and the Ministry of Culture Sports and Youth of Georgia.

The aim of the project is to support and promote inclusivity in arts and culture in Georgia and raising awareness of its role in the country’s social and economic development.

The UK expert, Zoe Partington, selected by the British Council in Georgia carried out online meetings with the state actors, cultural actors, organisations working on inclusivity topics and disabled people in February 2021. Based on the desk research and above-mentioned meetings Zoe Partington elaborated the guideline “Cultural Accessibility Guidelines for Georgia” for the arts and culture events’ organisers. The document is aimed at improving the integration of disabled artists in the arts practice as well as improving access to arts products and arts venues for the disabled people in Georgia. 

LEPL Creative Georgia prepared the English and Georgian electronic versions of the guideline as well as published the guideline in Georgian and in Braille.  Go to the linkს to download the electronic versions of the English and Georgian guidelines.