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International Art Residency


The 2018 edition, curated by Rebecca De Marchi with Roberta Aureli, enabled the four artists including two Georgian artist who won in Creative Georgia’s open call: Shota Aptsiauri (Tbilisi, Georgia), Mananiko Kobakhidze (Tbilisi, Georgia), Matías Ercole (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Sadaf Hesamiyan (Tehran, Iran), along with a curator, Renata Zas (Buenos Aires, Argentina), selected through an open call, to spend their residency period in Turin at November, the month traditionally dedicated to contemporary art. The young artists stayed at the Luoghi Comuni San Salvario residential complex.

In residency period, Georgian artists were interested in Turin, in its social, economic and politic situation. They had a chance to become familiar with other cultures and with the reflection of these cultures in the other participants works. 

Manana Kobakhidze recalls the period as a new experience: “In residence of Turin, I have continued working and focused on the topic, I am interested in, in particular, social structures and problems created in these structures. Turin is quite polyhedral city. Here we are facing with migrants problems, with the same problems as in Georgia (family violence, patriarchal structures/system, inequality in payment and etc.), at the same time, city is full with mystical stories, legends and memories.

In the residence, Shota Aptsiauri’s working practice has developed in several directions: “with the help of curators, I have developed my theoretical research process on different directions. There was three main topics I were interested in: role of migrants and challenges in modern Italy’s life, Turin’s contradictory movement and its history, city’s alternative urban culture.”  

When artists became familiar with culture of Turin, with topics interesting for them, met people who could help them to clearly see problems and challenges of the city, feel rhythm of Turin, artist created works illustrating knowledge, vision and thoughts accumulated on the first stage of working in residence. 

Manana Kobakhidze has created 8 illustrations, 1 art-book and 1 video. As she notes, she created diary “of impressions and feelings existing in structure, by structure impact. It is a memory about people and places… we have a problem and we are analyzing it; we have givens and we get familiar with it; I have my own vision and feelings and  I am analyzing it with the help of the problem. We try to run from moral nihilism and create alternative reality. “

As for Shota Aptsiauri, he has created two paintings, one of them was chosen for exhibition with the help of curators and it became installation in the exhibition space. 

Name of the exhibition:



Text of installation:

As more time goes, I am becoming even more alike to computer processor. I am processing lots of information, creating projections and algorithms. I am moving on the boundary between utopia and heterotopias, real and fake, authentic and unauthentic. This artwork tries to document process of modifying this information.”  

On November 28, at 6.00 pm, the results of the work done by the four artists were presented at L’OFFICINA con-Temporanea, the exhibition space of the Luoghi Comuni San Salvario complex.

Creative Georgia in collaboration with Italian fund of Garuzzo Institute (IGAV) organized open call for art residence.

Artwork by Mananiko Kobakhidze

Artwork by Shota Aptsiauri